New Simulacrum & Symmetry Builds (finally)

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Although there have been numerous improvements to the Simulacrum codebase over the last months, these were only available to those tech-savvy enough to build the Git source code. Subsequently, I received many requests (from Windows and Android users in particular) for an updated set of builds.

Below follows a summary of the builds that are now available (some of which are automatic CI builds!).


Format: Zipped, Portable Arch: x86-64 Type: Development Schedule: Manual build


  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Run one of: a. ‘Symmetry Portable’ (uses the portable configuration directory) – Choose this one if you don’t specifically want one of the other options. b. ‘Symmetry’ (uses the configuration directory of the current user) c. ‘Symmetry Touchscreen’ (for use on touchscreen devices) d. ‘SLua’ (for Simulacrum Lua scripts) e. ‘DCMTool’ (DICOM command-line ‘swiss-army knife’)


Format: AppImage (for all distributions since ~2016) Arch: x86-64 Type: Development Schedule: Automated build


  1. Download AppImage $ wget
  2. Make the AppImage executable: $ chmod a+x Symmetry-LATEST.AppImage
  3. Execute the AppImage: $ ./Symmetry-LATEST.AppImage

Optional: Extract binaries from AppImage: $ ./Symmetry-LATEST.AppImage --appimage-extract


Format: Playstore Type: Development Beta Schedule: Manual build

Visit the Google Playstore page and enroll in the beta.

NOTE: Observe any beta-specific instructions on the Playstore page.

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