Although there have been numerous improvements to the Simulacrum codebase over the last months, these were only available to those tech-savvy enough to build the Git source code. Subsequently, I received many requests (from Windows and Android users in particular) for an updated set of builds. Below follows a summary of the builds that are now available (some of which are automatic CI builds!). Windows Format: Zipped, Portable Arch: x86-64 Type: Development Schedule: Manual build
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Symmetry Home | Simulacrum Project Home | Gitlab Home Update: new builds of Simulacrum & Symmetry are available. Simulacrum Library Back in 2012, in my spare time, I started working on a free-software library called Simulacrum. Its goal was to be an aggressively cross-platform, object oriented, lightweight and highly flexible library for loading, organising, manipulating and rendering N-dimensional datasets with additional support for the easy creation of (highly-parallel) processing algorithms over such datasets.
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