Michael A. Hicks

Computer Scientist | Software Architect
Irregular writings on nondescript topics. And some photographs too.


I am a computer scientist from England with experience in the fields of medical technology & devices, computer architecture & compilers, image analysis, software quality assurance, and silicon lithography. Living in the Netherlands, I currently work as a Software Architect.

I enjoy running, photography, FLOSS, and have been known to ride a Brompton.

Curriculum Vitae

For privacy reasons, some personal details, such as my telephone number, are excluded from the online version of my CV. Please feel free to contact me (below) if you’d like the complete version.



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Brighton in Winter

Although a little scruffy, Brighton has an English seaside charm. For a time, I tried to make an annual pilgrimage to the town during the winter holiday period; to run bv the coastline and take some photographs. Recent events have prevented me from visiting during the last couple of winters, so I decided to gather a few of my favourite photographs from recent years into a small retrospective. Photographs were taken using a Sony mobile phone and a FujiFilm X-T10.
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New Simulacrum & Symmetry Builds (finally)

Although there have been numerous improvements to the Simulacrum codebase over the last months, these were only available to those tech-savvy enough to build the Git source code. Subsequently, I received many requests (from Windows and Android users in particular) for an updated set of builds. Below follows a summary of the builds that are now available (some of which are automatic CI builds!). Windows Format: Zipped, Portable, Arch: x86-64, Type: Development, Schedule: Manual build
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Washington Photographs

Photographs from around Washington State, USA.
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Budapest Photographs

Budapest is great for a short visit. Grand architecture and a serene location on the Danube. On this trip I took only my Fujifilm X-T10 and the Fujinon 27mm f2.8 pancake lens ā€“ perfect for carrying around all day without a struggle.
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Medical Devices & the MDD

Update: although the content of these slides is still broadly relevant, bear in mind that the MDD is being replaced by the MDR. For a few years I worked in role that doubled as both software engineer and quality assurance officer in a medical device startup. One of the most challenging aspects for small (and large!) companies that are fresh to the market is going through the applicable legislation and subsequent quality assurance (and safety) procedures for releasing a new medical device.
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Old Photographs

Since migrating to my new homepage there has been the unenviable task of handling all of my old photographs. I decided: Iā€™m just going to leave them where they are! For now, anyway. You can find the old gallery, in all of its glory, here. It covers photographs taken mostly between 2006 and 2016.
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